I’ve recently been using BorrowMyDoggy to look after many different types of dogs when their owners are out at work.


As you can see above, this is Chloe and she’s a beautiful English Springer Spaniel. Under one year old, she literally never stops walking!! Because of that, it’s been great to keep improving my FitBit numbers each day! We’ve recently walked around Richmond Park as it’s near my flat but have then also then travelled over to places such as Battersea / Victoria Park and Hampstead Heath.

It’s wonderful to meet the other types of dogs when walking and but also the number of people who are incredibly jealous that they’re having to head to work rather than do what I’m doing.

I often travel down South to walk with my aunts Westie but it’s great to stay up in London and explore different parts with multiple breeds after BorromMyDoggy has launched.


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