Unfortunately, I had another seizure a few weeks ago which was actually the worst one I’ve had in the last few years.

I presented a partial seizure with possible generalisation while on a bus. This was with the attempt of returning home after walking a dog around Victoria Park. It’s surprising how literally everyone on the bus was ignoring me and it was only the dog jumping up and barking that made the driver call 999.

It’s obviously bad that I’m saying this but after everyone was ignoring my seizure, I’m proud to say that the Ambulance team kicked everyone off the double-decker!! šŸ˜…

Normally, I have Simple Focal Seizures that last about 2 minutes with me not being able to simply talk but this was much worse. Upon being taken to A&E, I actually had a further 40 minute (epilepticus) seizure that I don’t remember at all.

There were no clear triggers such as infection or head injury elicitedĀ on assessment or investigations. Using the special X-Ray machine,Ā Computed tomography (CT) did not show any acute pathology including intracranial bleed or significant midline shift. The previous left-sided neurosurgery and parenchymal damage were noted by the team within the hospital.

Following the seizure I had was post-ictal and had slight facial droop and weakness in the right – Stroke SpR opinion: likely Todd’s paresis. I also have expressive aphasia that was significantly worse than normal. Nobody really realisesĀ that I have aphasia apart from after a seizure when it’s very noticeable.

Because of what happened, I had to stay overnight and for the next day. I was assessed as close to normal after the long stay within the hospital which meant I was sent home. Before leaving, the neurology SpR reviewedĀ and recommended a dose increase of my Levetiracetam.

The one benefitĀ of knowĀ being disabled is getting a free lift back home after being in the hospital! šŸš•


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