I didn’t really want to openly admit that I have Epilepsy but after having multiple seizures out in public, I thought it was necessary. The decision after searching through many different websites was to purchase a MyID Sport Medical ID Bracelet. It allows others to scan the QR Code through their mobile and understand what’s happening before potentially dialling 999.


After scanning the bracelet, it will simply explain what you should potentially do. Usually, the seizures I have only last about 2 minutes and I simply can’t talk. These are considered as ‘Simple Focal Seizures‘ and do not require an Ambulance 🚑

One of the good things about these bracelets is that they are waterproof and that means I can still wear them while I’m out in the rain, swimming or even in the shower. The visibility is fantastic because I’ve recently been curious about whether I should tell the team at the local leisure centre about having Epilepsy in case I have a seizure while in the pool or something similar.

Decided to go for the Blue version (shown below) as it will go well alongside my Fitbit Charge 2 that forces me to walk everywhere each day!!🚶‍♀️


Now I’ve linked it to the MyID profile, people scanning it can properly see my details through their phone.

You can visit my profile here – MyID

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