I’ve decided to increase my activity each day by walking, running and cycling around London after a swim in the morning. To do this, I’ve bought a Fitbit Charge 2 to ensure I’m always on track and updating the things I do each day.

The Fitbit Charge is a wristband that tracks steps, heart rate and hours of sleep to ensure you can always keep yourself fit. The reason for buying the Charge 2 was because I actually had the original FitBit but have given it to my aunt. She suddenly had a heart condition last year meaning I’ve given it to her so she track her heart rate moving forward so it (hopefully) doesn’t happen again.

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 19.02.45.png

After buying a Fitbit, you can actually link it to both your computer, phone and tablet so you can always stay on track. After this, you can see your numbers and compare them to any previous days as well as compete with friends.

You can see my steps from last week below….

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.21.41.png



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