A jump from 12,000 feet over Kent countryside stretching from The Weald, including the staggering aerial sights of Leeds Castle, to the distant shores of Calais in France.

Headway covered me to do this if I managed to raise over £100 for their charity. I managed and you can see the jump below.

While it was scary, raising money for Headway was completely worth it after all that they’ve given to help me.

Headway cover people that have had a Brain Injury which is actually considered as a secret issue. While in Hospital, people come in and understand you’re ill and are there to support you, however, upon leaving, they just assume that you’re fine and are back to normal. With a Brain Injury, that doesn’t happen.

Even with good rehabilitation, support and help in the community, survivors and families are likely to face uncertain and challenging futures. Emotion is not thought about when Hospital but can be huge when noticed by others afterwards. Moods can change very quickly and are actually known as ’emotional lability’. For example, the person may be very happy at one minute but then can switch to tearful very quickly.

To learn even more, visit Headway

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