I have actually been blogging for just under a year now…as short as that!! It’s a very short time and I’m still in the position of properly focusing on what I should discuss and focus on each week. I’ve always been a big-time nerd when it comes to both my laptop and phone but I’m just starting to move forward towards photography as well so I’m thinking that may be a way forward. I’ll tell you about the things that I’ve been doing recently…


Mobile | I always update my phone each year to ensure I get the latest versions of Android 🤓. While there are many companies such as LG and Samsung who run Android on their devices, they tweak it to properly focus on their own software and apps. Since 2011, all of my devices have been running pure Android which ensures I get the latest updates.

Originally, Google (runs pure Android) always worked with other companies to launch their devices that were named as Nexus. The first one I grabbed was a Galaxy Nexus in 2010 and was made by Samsung. The phone ran the Android 4.0, named as Ice Cream Sandwich. Currently, Nexus devices have transferred to Pixel and are from Google themselves (although manufactured by other companies).

In terms of travelling around for photography, the phone is fantastic for quick shots and also for listening to Spotify while travelling.

I have moved to the Google Pixel XL 2 and you can read more about it here.


Portable chargers | While most people take their phone out for the day and just charge it when they need to, I always carry an extra charger out to ensure it doesn’t die. Taking photos really does use the battery and there have always been times when it’s died and then I’ve walked past somewhere that would be amazing for a picture. Essential this means that I’m always charging! You can buy many chargers in shops or on Amazon so I would suggest you get at least one. Not being able to use your phone is something that none of us really want!


Photography| Using your phone for photo’s is often great for quick shots or something you want to quickly post on Instagram but using a proper camera is so much more than that. I’ve actually just booked sometime within CitiLit to learn more about making great photos and editing both photos and videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. I’m hoping to create much more professional versions of my current ones after learning how to properly edit new shots. After properly learning this, I’m hoping you will see much more professional versions of my videos via YouTube. I’m currently using an old Nikon D3200 but may look to buy something new if I learn much more about how to take great pictures and edit them.


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