I haven’t used my Nikon D3200 for about 2 or 3 years but I desperately wanted to step back into Photography and see what great shots I could get. To do this, I joined a team on Meetup last night to find some areas in London where I could potentially get some interesting shots.

With the fact of not using my camera for a few years, it was obvious that I needed some support. After the teams support, you can see two of my images on this page or follow me on Instagram.


Shooting from the shores of the Thames at low tide gives you a unique perspective. When we all met, it was focused on night photography techniques whilst the Thames was at low tide in the area around the Millennium Bridge.

We visited a few different spots around the Shard and Millenium Bridge to get some different shots in the evening.


I would definitely recommend anyone else who’s interested in photography to attend this at some point.

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