Aperture / Depth of Field – Unit 1

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(06/02 – ISO and light metering. Review of the depth of field exercise. Overview of the computer system and review of images in Bridge. Composition – rules and tips. UNit 1)

What is Aperture?

Aperture is a hole in the lens that you can control to affect the amount of light you receive in the camera body. Essentially, this can change whether you focus on something nearer to you or further away.

This homework is to change the depth of field and see how that changes each image.

The aperture scale

Depth of field at different apertures

My Nikon D3200 was set to the lowest aperture and focused on a specific area that you can see. Many of these images have a “thin” or “shallow” depth of field, where the background or foreground is completely out of focus. You can see it below at f/4.0.


Effects of Aperture: Depth of Field

You can see the difference here between an image that has a large depth of field and the other where the background is sharp.


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