(06/02 – ISO and light metering. Review of the depth of field exercise. Overview of the computer system and review of images in Bridge. Composition – rules and tips.)

ISO is one of the three pillars of photography, along with shutter speed and aperture. Like those two settings, camera ISO controls the brightness of your photos, and it is a crucial setting to use properly if you want to take the best possible images.

– Still, use the aperture process
– ISO is International Standards Organization
– My numbers on ISO change from 100 to 6400
– Lower ISO is great for longer night shots
– Higher is for quicker shots
– Quality is better for longer ISO
– ISO is linked to shutter speed
– If you need faster shutter speed because your object moves fast or you’re are getting camera shake, you might want to increase ISO
– Keep the ISO lower and the Aperture quick as well
– Exposure, plus is brighter, minus is darker
– + captures more light
– – decreases amount of light

– Homework – Frame within Frame, Balancing Elements, Leading lines

In very basic terms, ISO is simply a camera setting that will brighten or darken a photo. As you increase your ISO number, your photos will grow progressively brighter. For that reason, ISO is a good tool to help you capture images in dark environments, or be more flexible about selecting the aperture and shutter speed that you want.

You’ll see that I’ve used my Tripod to properly focus on images to make sure I got the best amount of light as possible…….

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