I’ve been using meetup quite a bit recently to actually do something during the day. Yesterday, it was decided to really test myself by taking an evening session within Central London.

Part of the art of street photography is to tell a story. In this workshop you’ll learn how to tell a story and develop street photography skills. You’ll be given some tips and then set a series of challenges to help build your confidence when shooting street photography.

We will look at some of the work of famous and fabulous street photographers and discuss how their images tell stories.

This workshop is suitable for photographers who are new to street photography and would like to learn good techniques. You can use prime lenses or zoom lenses for this workshop.

In this session we’ll work on:
-Focus points for street photography
-What aperture to use and why
-How to get a good exposure every time
-White balance
-What shutter speeds are important
-Black & white and why you need to think about colour

Also in this session:
-Understand the rules and break them
-Candid or posed -how to approach people
-The legalities -where you can legally shoot people

• any camera
• any lens – long or short you can use either
• no tripod is necessary


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