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Unit 1 The Camera: Film or Digital

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3,4

Task 1: Depth of field, Selective focus (AC(2.1, 2.2) 

Present a series of 3 images in response to the titles using Depth of field and/or selective focus. Techniques to consider:

Working with the aperture to create the required depth of field.

Working with manual focus in order to create the required focusing point.

Record all the research development in your workbook/blog.

These shots were taken within the Design Museum in Kensington High Street. The actual reason for going there was due to seeing some fantastic shots on Instagram! Had to take my camera over to see if I could achieve some of those myself. These were taken in the morning which makes the lighting fantastic and you can see that near the ceiling.

The photos you can see were all taken at different angles, this was achieved by standing on different levels/floors; this allows the viewer to have different perspectives of the same objects.

All of these images were taken using my Nikon D500 and using the Nikon lens so you can see multiple different focal lengths.

Task 2 Shutter Speed AC (2:1, 2:2)

Present a series of 3 images in response in the title using slow or fast shutter speed techniques. Techniques to consider:

Multiple exposers


Painting in light

Record all the research development in your workbook/blog

A wonderful night to see both the Chelsea and Albert Bridges. You’ll be able to see here how different levels of exposure make them incredible at night. Fantastic shots of the lights and cars at night with the blur of both bridges.

I was using both f/14 and f/16 for these with either 15 or 13 seconds of long exposure to ensure I captured things such as cars going through. All of these were on my K&F Concept Tripod to ensure they stayed still for that amount of time.

These were taken at about 9pm to ensure the sun was down so I could take some wonderful evening long exposure shots.

Task 3 Final Take AC(3.1, 3.2)

Present a series of 5 images in response to the title using photographic techniques chosen by you. You can use any of the techniques you are familiar with. You can research and apply in and off camera manipulation. Record all the research and development in your workbook/blog.

All of these shots here were taken in the south of London in the evening to achieve different locations and styles of images.

Each was shot for College using my D500 with either a Sigma 30mm, Nikon 16-80mm or Nikon 50mm lenses. I changed the aperture and shutter speed on each of these to show that I’ve learnt these techniques through the classes that have been done over the last few months.

The shot of St Pauls at night was using a K&F Concept Tripod to ensure long exposure with a great shot to smooth the many boats going along the London Thames.


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