Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

I decided to have a long walk today, starting at Bank before heading back to Waterloo. This was to try and get a different set of pictures and, sad I know but also to try and up my FitBit numbers 😂

Before going to College this evening, I thought it may be a great plan to get some pictures with some of the different designs that many of the new and old buildings have. That’s some of best things about central London, there is a real mix between both new and old buildings that are completely different.

It was a bit of a shame that I had to do this during the midday with it being so cloudy but I’m sure I’ll try it again in either early morning or an evening where these building will look so much different.

I only took one lens for these shots which is my Sigma 30mm f1/4 but that was my original plan. This is rather than having to take a big bag and have multiple different lenses. I may try to take more at some other point.


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