Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

A week using the other settings within my Nikon D500 rather than Manual that I usually use. Much quicker I know but I really do enjoy using Manual to ensure that every picture I take is exactly how I wanted it to be.

While this sounds interesting, I really do prefer being fully in control with Manual Mode. One of the reasons for changing away from using this may be for any quick things such as sports events.

These will be the different things that I’ll be using rather than Manual this week:

P = Program Mode

S = Shutter Speed Auto

A= Aperture Auto

Thursday 4th October

Walking between Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus.

Sunday 7th October

Upping my FitBit numbers with a long walk back home after getting off at Clapham Junction.

Two of these pictures where taken before coming back into London and were down south near Chichester.

Monday 8th October

Multiple hours walking around Canary Wharf where many of the building are very different from central London. When using your camera in Canary Wharf, you’re likely to be approached by their Security team so be careful. You have to claim that your taking these pictures for yourself and not for another company.

Tuesday 9th October

A quick stroll through both Barnes and Putney.

Wednesday 10th October

Walking all the way through Hyde Park, Borough and finally Richmond Park. An extremely busy day!

I’m starting to use Adobe Lightroom properly so many of the deer in Richmond Park will look different as changing the settings. It would be fantastic to study more within the College to ensure each picture I take is edited professionally.


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