Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

Decided to head down south to explore some different places than London. My aunt’s house is extremely close to the sea so we decided to walk her dog along the beach.

While it’s great to walk with her dog, I really wanted to get some pictures for College that’s coming up again on Wednesday. The beach is always great to get some different shots than just central London.

Out on the walk, I took my Nikon D500 with the Sigma 30mm lens, no extra bits so everything you see below has been through the same lens. It has all been edited slightly through Lightroom but nothing through Photoshop (yet) as I’m still slowly learning how to properly use it.


I’ve always been using Histogram through Lightroom to ensure that my shots are at a level (I think anyway) they should be but that is a personal suggestion and others may choose different ways to edit them.

Covering the columns, I usually start on the left end of the graph but can change to try and get a good cover of the graph for a good composition.


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