Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

After having to deal with the weather in London last week, I decided to look at the weather on the BBC website and find somewhere that wouldn’t be like London over the weekend……Cambridge!!! ☀️

After mentioning that I was heading up to Cambridge, Tamara thought it would be great to come with me. Couldn’t beat the chance to try some quick portrait shots the night beforehand…

Below is a shot within Kings Cross Station. You can’t go to that station without taking the famous underground walkthrough.

While the plan was to go to Cambridge to avoid all of the rain we have down here in London, it was also fantastic to get some more photography shots for college on Wednesday.

While I took my full bag filled with different lenses, I decided to just stick to the Sigma 30mm throughout the day and use Lightroom afterwards to edit some pictures afterwards. The college has taught me more about how to properly edit each shot with things such as the Histogram and use of the extra details.

Below are some of these shots within the College….

After taking some Portrait shots of Tamara the night before, it had to be done up in Cambridge as well 😂

Will definitely be travelling up to Cambridge again to get some more shots within that the wonderful city.


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