Learning Outcomes – 2,3

Everyone has seen these shots before but I decided to head into London quite early in the morning to avoid people in the centre of the images. With it being slightly earlier in the morning, you can see that the bridge over to Big Ben was almost empty which has made it stunning.

It was also my first attempt to use the Crystal Ball I purchased a few months ago that is very different from most of the other things you’ve seen in tourist areas. I had many reasons to go here but some of the main reasons were for both college and also just practising this ball without many tourists being in the way.

I was using 2 of the lenses I have to see some of the differences I could make out of each image and then using Lightroom afterwards to try and straighten any that weren’t how they should be.

With these being early in the morning, I would like to go back again in the evening or night to see how that changes each image.


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