Belgium & Netherlands

Learning Outcomes – 2,3

On the 22nd November, Tamara and I flew over to Belgium for a 5 day holiday between both Brussels and Amsterdam. This trip was to both explore some different areas and (hopefully) get some great photos. You can choose what you think about these by looking at some of the images I took below.

While Brussels is actually very close to the UK, we decided to find some cheap flights which meant we first flew to Dublin to then transfer to Belgium. While we managed to save a lot of money doing this, we did have to wait in Dublin for about 5 hours before the next flight took off.

Wednesday 22nd November (Brussels)

After first checking in to our hotel in the evening we only had a few hours before having to head to bed. You can see some of the shots I managed to get below.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my tripod over to Belgium because of the small bag I was using which was a bit of a shame. I couldn’t then get many great shots at night.

Thursday 23rd November (Atomium)

If you ever travel to Brussels, one of the key areas I suggest you go to is to see the Atomium. It’s very different from so many other buildings you’ve ever seen and is amazing inside. Below are some of the pictures that I took using mainly my Sigma 30mm.

Friday 24th November (Brussels)

To celebrate Tamara’s 25th birthday, one of her friends had flown over from where she lives in Switzerland. To show her some of the city, we decided to walk around some areas other than just the centre.

Sunday 25th November (Bruges)

Before flying over to Belgium, we had looked up some of the key spots within Belgium and it seemed that Bruges was definitely one of them! We spent a few hours on the train from Brussels over to Bruges and you can see the images I got below.

The city has many famous areas but the multiple coloured buildings were definitely my favourites.

Monday 26th November (Amsterdam)

On the final day before flying back to Gatwick, we had to travel up from Brussels to Amsterdam on the train. This was a long journey as we had to wait in Rotterdam for a connection.

You can see some of the shots I got when up in the centre of Amsterdam before flying back to Gatwick.


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