Where are the best Christmas lights in London?

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Good question actually, where are all of the best Christmas lights you can get when first arriving in central London? Yesterday, I decided to simply walk around and find this out for myself.

As many people do, I decided to look very near to the train station when first arriving and this happened to be the Leadenhall Market after getting off the train at Liverpool Street Station.

The shot you can see below in the centre of the Market was taken on my Nikon D500 and using ISO 100, 16mm, f/2.8 and 1/20 secs. I was also using my K&F Tripod to ensure the shots were as stable as I could get them… Adobe Lightroom was used afterwards when I finally got home to edit the lighting. This was used for each of the pictures you’ll see on this page.

Upon looking further around areas within London, it seemed as though many of the exciting lights come out only at night which meant I had to wait a few hours for the evening. A trip to both Oxford & Regents Street was a must to be done!!

The use of long exposure on the tripod was a real change in the way you would normally see these with many people and vehicles walking/driving past you. I was mainly using my Sigma 30mm lens on the D500 with the K&F stand to make sure I could get these longest exposures. These long exposures were to make the blur of vehicles and people look wonderful. As well as sometimes changing the focus and time I was focusing, I also used my new Syrp Variable ND Filter Super Dark Kit to ensure I got the time-lapse recordings to the next level.

If you ever walk past the Tommy Hilfiger store in Regents Street, it’s well worth nipping inside! This is not only to see what they have in store but to also visit their cafe upstairs with a window that’s right above the Christmas lights outside. It makes a stunning view and only if I had some form of cover to my lens to hide the reflection of myself behind when taking a shot through the window it would be stunning.


Upon strolling through both Oxford & Regents Street, Carnaby Street also should be another place to go to if you’re planning to also get some great evening shots for the Christmas lights.

The picture below was shot with my Nikon D500 and Nikon 16-80 lens. Attached to the lens was the Syrp Variable ND Filter Super Dark Kit to make sure the lighting was how it should be for the great picture. ISO 320, 42mm, f/7.1 and 1/30 sec.



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