With us approaching Christmas, a stroll around central London is a must to do for everyone to see the things that have changed. Yesterday night, I was mainly heading towards both Oxford and Regents Street to get more of the fabulous lights they’ve currently got.

The first of these pictures is within Neal Street where they’ve some beautiful buildings and Cafes that look stunning all around the small square. It’s well worth grabbing a coffee if you’re there to just relax and take some pictures.

Following on from there, I headed towards Sloane Square to see some of the stunning lights and the fantastic set of stairs within John Lewis store.


As most people do after heading to Sloane Square, we traveled towards Knightsbridge to hope there were any updated things to Christmas of. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be much so we kept walking towards Oxford Street with the incredibly lights they have above the road there.

Following on from there, Carnaby Street and Regents Street both have some great large Christmas lights which are a must to take shots of.


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