Learning Outcomes – 2,3

Soon, I’ll be moving down south to celebrate both Christmas and the New Year. While that’s great, it’ll mean less time up here in London to take some wonderful shots we can get here.

To try and make the most of it before leaving, last night, I thought it would be a great opportunity to find some areas that I haven’t been to before.

Blackwall Basin popped up after Googling.

If planning to head to Blackwell Basin yourself, surprisingly…’s the middle of nowhere 😂

Having to start off at Canary Wharf, it’s a long walk out past all of the main offices and out towards Poplar. While it’s a long way, it’s well worth the trip.

The people living in these areas are extremely lucky!! The shots when there and looking out of their windows are incredible. It’s almost like their living in New York.

Will have to be going again to explore some more of the different areas around Canary Wharf soon!


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