Learning Outcomes – 2,3,4

With Christmas and the New Year coming up, it’s just the time to head out and start exploring London.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens celebrate this period with a large set of lights that are a must see.

With this happening, it’s a great chance to be out there exploring the garden to see some of the special lights that they are using, exspecially in the evening.

Decided to mainly focus on using my AF-S DX 16-80 alongside my D500 so I didn’t have to constantly change lenes when using Prime one because it was so busy out there.

While it’s possible to see tge lights out during the day, it was perfect to see them in the evening to make the most of evening leading up to Christmas.

You can see some of the shots I took below…

Oxford Street

A short walk up and down Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus in the evening to try and take some of their Christmas lights.

I was there late in the evening with the hope of having less people, not what I’d plannec for at all. it seems that these areas stay very busy for almost 24/7.

Notting Hill & Central

I decided to head over to Notting Hill in the morning with a plan to try some Portrait shots. This, unfortunately, wasn’t possible (mainly because of my confidence). I was attempting to try and use my 50mm Prime Lens but may have to try again within a larger area such as Covent Garden as I wasn’t particularly confident in Notting Hill with everyone being very close together. 

When watching some videos on YouTube about the confidence you’ll need to take portrait shots, I need some more confidence to go up to people and randomly ask them for some portrait shots.

After Notting Hill in the morning, I travelled near to Tower Bridge to take some 30/50mm long distance night shots. This was fantastic, and I used my new Syrp 67mm Small Variable ND for the first time. Will be definitely using it again to enhance more evening shots. 


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