Learning Outcomes – 2,3

So, with it being a nice evening, I decided to head over to Greenwich Hill with an attempt to take some nice evening shots. While I originally said that it was a nice evening, the rain seemed to start halfway on my journey there and in the end, I was absolutely soaking when walking up Greenwich Hill. Got to the point of not being able to turn back after walking that far!!

I managed to get all the way to the London Bridge before the rain really started so I came to the point of really having to just go on with it! I was soaking but (I think anyway 🙄) it was worth it in the end. After travelling for 90 minutes, I couldn’t just head back home!!

Even though my Photography College has stopped over Christmas, I couldn’t just stop taking pictures as, let’s be honest, I’m a photography nerd 🤓. Winter seems to be the best time to take some wonderful evening shots. Heading over by myself had meant that I was focusing on the landscape rather than any portrait shots that I’d tried yesterday in Notting Hill. While many people find landscape shots boring, I bloody love them. The use of my camera and different lenses at night gives me so many chance to try different things. The rain, however, doesn’t really help.

I ended up using all of my lenses including my 30mm, 50mm and 16mm-80mm for different shots at each point. I’m actually at the point of thinking to get another Prime lens, either a 10-20mm or an 80mm. This was alongside my K&F Tripod and Syrp Variable ND Filter to try lots of different things. I also had my attached GorillaPod on my back but didn’t use it in the end with it being at night.

The question has to be though……where do I go next 📷.

After returning home, I’ve used Lightroom to edit these before posting them on there. If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram here….


Please write about what your thoughts were of these shots


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