Learning Outcomes – 2,3,4

On the 27th December, I got the bus from the edge of Portsmouth to Gunwharf Quays with the plan of (hopefully) getting some great pictures instead of the usual trip that most people take to simply go shopping.

As you can see, I arrived early afternoon and by the time I left the sun had set and you can see that I managed to get some good shots over the water.

With the boat shown below, I had to actually sit on the floor to get grab the shot how it is. 

The shots you can see below were taken further along the edge of many of the stores when walking further back into the centre from the sea. They have a good collection of restaurants and cafes within the area. 

Adobe Lightroom was used afterwards when I got home to edit the lighting and angle of many of these shots. I can’t image taking wonderful shots before this was available. I have removed many shots but have shown you two of the good ones after editing them slightly.


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