Learning Outcomes – 2,3

Being my last night down in Portsmouth, I decided to focus on the areas close to the Old City. The reason for this is due to it having fantastic views of both the old and new. I wanted to capture both large ships and the Spinnaker Tower.

I have been driving around over the last few weeks exploring these areas and found that Portsmouth has some very interesting and historic areas which are all good for photography.

The first stop taken in Portsmouth was actually in the Southsea area where I pulled up by the beach. It was fairly early in the evening so there was no need for me to use the Tripod as I didn’t need to capture the image using a longer exposure.

After taking some of the pictures within Southsea, I actually headed up thinking I’d go straight away to Gunwharf Quays but found some beautiful fountains on the way. I was attempting to try a long exposure shot of thoese which you can see below. I like the image in terms of the water but could do with some more time within Lightroom to increase the lighting in the sky.

Finally, I made the trip over to the Old City area where you could see the port (ships that travel over to the Isle of Wight) and Gunwharf Quays. Being so close meant I was also extremely close to the Spinnaker Tower. Let’s be honest, that’s the reason I came here πŸ˜‚.

See the pictures of the tower below:

Click on each of these images to see the equipment that I was using. These were great shots and I would personally be happy to go back again to try some different angles.


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