Learning Outcomes – 2,3

After many months, I thought it’d be a great idea to head back to the Tate Museum and see what they’ve updated.

Many pieces of art have been updated but you can never go into the Tate without taking a photo of the stairs which are just beautiful!

Unlike my last visit to the museum where I was using my Nikon extendable lens, I’ve used my new Sigma 10-20mm lens, which is fantastic. It allowed me to get a much higher quality image. With this newer lens, I will definitely be exploring other areas that I’ve already been to.  

After the Tate Museum, I headed towards St Pauls (with my tripod ready). The first shot which you can see here was right next to the tube station.

These two images below were taken right next to St Paul’s and include one of the beautiful London Telephone Boxes.

All of the night images that you’ve seen on this page were taken using my tripod but also were using my new filter to ensure I can get some fantastic colours when using a long exposure.

The use of this Syrp Variable Neutral Density Filter allowed me to capture more detail and light later in the evening. 

To specifically take the last two images, I waited for the double decker buses to go past as the blurred lights made the image more dynamic and exciting.


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