Learning Outcomes – 2,3

On my last page, I mentioned how Canary Wharf is always updating and doing some different things, well, I was right. Currently, they’re running a Festival to celebrate some of our international artists in the area.

The Winter Lights has returned for it’s fifth year and has brought together some of the most imaginative and exciting artists working with light art. They have some state-of-the-art light technology to deliver spectacular artworks, installations and experiences – many of them interactive or responsive. Fingers crossed it goes on next year as well!

The variable different lights around Canary Wharf at these times was an incredible way to force everyone to explore sections of the area they’ve probably never seen or been to. Tamara was acting as my model for the evening so you can see some of the shots I managed to get of her below with some of the diffferent lights they have there.

In terms of these images, I decided to stick with just the Sigma 30mm to ensure I didn’t always stop and change when walking around the busy area. Mainly focusing on ensuring the Shutter Speed & Focal Length were as needed for each shot as stuck to simply ISO 100 and was not using any filters.

All of these images were an attempt to create multiple different types the use of light. These include loop lighting, Rembrandt and split lighting.


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