Learning Outcomes – 2,3,4

Having nothing planned for the weekend, I decided to have my first trip on Saturday to be over in the East where I haven’t been in quite a long time for some shots.

When over there, it always has to be both Shoreditch and Brick Lane which pictures can be seen below. They have some great graffiti images which I’ve managed to capture.

All of these shots were taken at ISO 100 with changes in both the Aperture and shutter speed to make them look great within my camera. The reason for always shooting at ISO 100 is to ensure I can get as much light as I can to then edit on Lightroom when back at home if anything needs to be changed. Obviously, there can be some areas where this doesn’t work but I beleive they were all fine here.

After strolling through Brick Lane, I decided to head back home to grab both my umbrella with so much rain coming and also my tripod to get some great evening shots in the evening within both Westminster and London Bridge.

When looking at some of the shots below, you’ll notice that I started with a 30mm lens. The reason for that was because my filter works with a filter I have but I then switched to my new Sigma 10mm – 20mm lens areas within London Bridge are quite tight and I wanted to get as much in the shot as possible. The filter doesn’t work with this new lens so I’m looking for some new ones.

All of the images on this page were edited by Adobe Lightroom to clean up some of the areas and brighten anything that had a low or higher ISO, Aperture or Shutter Speed.


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