Learning Outcomes – 2,3

With it being half time, I’ve decided to explore different spots within London to showcase how my photography has changed and improved (hopefully) since I began.

All of these images were shot using RAW so can be changed using Lightroom. I want to start practicing Adobe Photoshop as well so will be starting to learn this within the next few weeks

Tuesday 12th February

Thursday 14th February

With it being Valentines Day, I’d planned a trip up the Shard to make it seem as though I could be really romantic. We all know why I was actually going up there 😂.

The Shard doesn’t actually allow anyone to take or even use tripods which is ridiculous for night shots. Because of this, I decided to head up at 4pm to get both light and dark shots over the evening.

Even though they’re technically not allowed, I sneaked up my GorillaPod to get a few long exposure images. After a few of these, I was caught and told to put it away.

Friday 15th February

It’s taken a long time, but I managed to speak to a local building near to St Pancras and mentioned that I’m needing shots around London really do show how my photography has improved since the course began back in 2016.

One of the benefits of studying photography!! 👍

Monday 18th February

A trip to the Poplar Station to try and take some portrait shots.

Tuesday 19th February

Wednesday 20th February

Decided to meet a fellow photographer and head towards the O2 Stadium to ride the Emirates Greenwich Peninsula. It’s surprising the number of wonderful pictures you can take from this. We managed to wait in the line to get carts that had nobody else in them. These shots were taken both in the afternoon and early evening.

Thursday 21st February

Visiting ‘The Garden’ at the top of 120 Fenchurch Street. Definitely, a place that I’d recommend for anyone who loves photography and would be keen to take some shots within central London.

Friday 22nd February

A terrible attempt to try and get some shots near to St Pauls with the Thames being at low tide. It didn’t as planned.

Saturday 23 February

Another day out exploring but night photography seems to be my real love at the moment. On Saturday, areas including both Bank and Liverpool Street seem quite empty, so they were the areas that I went to!!

Monday 25 February

A long walk out of Waterloo between both Waterloo and the Tower Bridge got me these below.

Tuesday 26 February

Got to say it, but the new “Garden at 120” is a must to do!! Being a rooftop in central London gives you so many rooftops to take shots of all around. Here is one of my pictures that I managed to get in the last 10 minutes before it close:


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