The original shot on the left was using RAW through my Nikon Z7 with a new Nikkor S 24-70mm lens. Taking the picture using RAW has allowed me to adapt using Adobe Lightroom to ensure I can change the lighting and colours to get the picture that you can see below.

The aim was to have people see how different the rooftop of St Pauls is compared to other buildings when looking at the photograph to make it really really stand out. A large amount of this was achieved by increasing the Exposure but many other little adaptions were also used.

ND Filters

The use of an ND filter helped me change the view of the exact same image. I bought the Haida 82mm Slim PROII Neutral Density MC ND Filter Kit ND8 ND64 ND1000 HD3040-82 (a short name 😅) that has 4 different sizes types.


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