Learning Outcomes – 2,3,4

In the photography studio there are a number of hazards specific to photography, including trip hazards from cabling and other obstacles and lighting issues such as hot spots on lamps. It’s the responsibility of the owner of the studio and the user to take preventative action.


  • Slips trips and falls
    • Falling over tripods and stands
    • Trailing wires and leads
    • Spilt triples or water
  • Use of electrical equipment
    • With water
    • Old equipment
    • Faulty objects
  • Manual handling
    • Lifting heavy objects from the floor
    • Carrying heavy or cumbersome objects
  • Lighting
    • Overheating
    • Strobe lighting / Epilepsy
    • Flash photography
    • Risk of fire


  • Doorways and Exits
    • Mark clearly (especially fire exits)
    • Do not obstruct
    • Inform people of the location
    • Regular fire alarm tests
  • Lift handling and tests
    • Do not strain when lifting
    • Bend your knees when lifting
    • Carry equipment safely
  • Trips and slips
    • Highlights things such as tripods to other members of staff
    • Do not eat and drink in the studio
    • Work in a clean and uncluttered studio

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