Learning Outcomes – 2,3,4

If you follow me on Instagram, you all know that I love exploring around London to try and get the best pictures that I can.

There was one that I’ve been trying to get for months now and that was a shot up on Tower Bridge. I’ve been up there quite a few times but could never get a shot that i was truly proud of. All of the ones I’d tried before,just seemed like the standard tourist shots.

I talked to the team up there and showed them the proof of me studying photography within college and because of that, they were really helpful and actually gave me a bench to climb up to an area that not many people can get to. Being up there allowed me to take some prime shots that not many people can access.

While that’s fantastic and I know nobody else can really get it, it’s not the true picture that I was aiming for. I know I’ve never previously used it but I think the need of Photoshop was needed.

It was a tough few videos I had to watch on YouTube but I finally got the stage of being able to remove those lines in front on the image you can see above. See what I finally managed to get below…

Let me know what you think of it ☺️

I knew that I had to achieve more than just one image for the week so because of that, here are some more pictures I managed to get around London over the week…


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