Unit 3: Lighting in Photography

Without being in College at the time when all of this was practised, it made it harder to ensure that I had the correct angles and lighting that were needed.

With that being said, I managed to get a Black Backdrop at home to ensure I could practice different things over the two weeks on half term. It was very hard to choose the final images that I wanted to use as many of them seem similar. I looked at all of the images that I had taken and chose the ones that I thought had the best angles and distance from the subject.

I had to ensure that I had skills of both Lightroom and Photoshop as I had no professional lighting within the house. Because of the lack of lighting, I really did have to increase my use of aperture to increase the lighting of the subject.I used a larger aperture to maximise the light. The consequence of this was I created a shallower depth of field with some areas more in focus than others. Given more time I would reshoot to achieve a clearer image .

Originally, I really did want to choose a picture with Alfie (dog) included but after hundreds of shots (he never stays still), I decided to choose some still images instead.

It’s actually surprising the amount of images you can take at home with such a simple black or white background. I’ll definitely be using them again. This style of photography is not my favourite at all but it’s been at least good to practice.

Final Two Images 


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