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Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

After having to deal with the weather in London last week, I decided to look at the weather on the BBC website and find somewhere that wouldn’t be like London over the weekend……Cambridge!!! ☀️

After mentioning that I was heading up to Cambridge, Tamara thought it would be great to come with me. Couldn’t beat the chance to try some quick portrait shots the night beforehand…

Below is a shot within Kings Cross Station. You can’t go to that station without taking the famous underground walkthrough.

While the plan was to go to Cambridge to avoid all of the rain we have down here in London, it was also fantastic to get some more photography shots for college on Wednesday.

While I took my full bag filled with different lenses, I decided to just stick to the Sigma 30mm throughout the day and use Lightroom afterwards to edit some pictures afterwards. The college has taught me more about how to properly edit each shot with things such as the Histogram and use of the extra details.

Below are some of these shots within the College….

After taking some Portrait shots of Tamara the night before, it had to be done up in Cambridge as well 😂

Will definitely be travelling up to Cambridge again to get some more shots from the wonderful city.

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Photoshop CC

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

My first real attempt to use Adobe Photoshop rather than just Adobe Lightroom. Photoshop allowed editing so much more than just using Lightroom as I could change everything within the picture.

In the pictures below, you can see how I attempted to properly remove the people within the Crossrail bridge. As can be seen in the picture on the left, one of the people covers the rail on the left and when removed, it leaves a gap. I’ve also changed the lighting just to see a different effect. It was my first attempt to try and extend the rail as it would appear with nobody there. This task took a long time but I’ll continue trying with some of my new pictures.

I’ll get faster after practising more.

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Hammersmith Bridge

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

Similar to some of my previous shots of St Pauls; I took some of these of Hammersmith Bridge at about 7pm so you can still see some of the fantastic long exposure shots of the bridge and traffic.

The river was very low at the time which was slightly disappointing but the increased level of traffic was fantastic for some more long exposure shots.

I’ve been to this bridge multiple times during the day but it was great to properly explore all of the different angles to see the changes.

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Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

Decided to head down south to explore some different places than London. My aunt’s house is extremely close to the sea so we decided to walk her dog along the beach.

While it’s great to walk with her dog, I really wanted to get some pictures for College that’s coming up again on Wednesday. The beach is always great to get some different shots than just central London.

Out on the walk, I took my Nikon D500 with the Sigma 30mm lens, no extra bits so everything you see below has been through the same lens. It has all been edited slightly through Lightroom but nothing through Photoshop (yet) as I’m still slowly learning how to properly use it.


I’ve always been using Histogram through Lightroom to ensure that my shots are at a level (I think anyway) they should be but that is a personal suggestion and others may choose different ways to edit them.

Covering the columns, I usually start on the left end of the graph but can change to try and get a good cover of the graph for a good composition.

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Eton and the Mercedes-Benz World

Learning Outcomes – 1,3

On Saturday, my friend Justin and I decided to head over to the house as he’s just purchased a house over in Twyford. It’s actually quite near to Reading so will be included in the Elizabeth line when it’s properly launched.

After first looking around Twyford, we thought Eton would be a great place for (hopefully) some good pictures. We went to the fantastic Mercedes-Benz World down in Brooklands when heading home.

I tried to get a few more closeups and focused shots when within the Mercesdes-Benz World as their vehicles are beautiful.

Have a look at some of the ones I managed to get throughout the day below…

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Improving the use of Lightroom

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

I’ve just started to use multiple sections within Lightroom that I’ve never previously managed to use. These include Histogram, HSL, Split Toning and Detail. I watched this video for much more assistance:

Quick Suggestions

– When working with shutter speed, think about the aperture you want to use
– Always be in control of the Shutter Speed. Never go too high or make it blurry
– The graph within Histogram is to do the colours of the picture
– Use Hue, Saturation and Luminance

For homework, I’m working on some close-up shots and testing these in Lightroom afterwards. These close up shots were shown on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Most of these were shot using my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and then edited afterwards using Adobe Lightroom.

More will be coming each day (hopefully) before next Wednesday. See them below:


Friday in Brixton



A late trip out to see both Battersea Power Station and Battersea Park.


An early morning for the SkyGarden to take some (hopefully) great shots.

Starting to try and use many more new things on Lightroom such as Sharpening, Specific Angles, Noise Reduction & HSL (Hue, Saturation & Luminance).


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System and Workflow: Project 1

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

A week using the other settings within my Nikon D500 rather than Manual that I usually use. Much quicker I know but I really do enjoy using Manual to ensure that every picture I take is exactly how I wanted it to be.

While this sounds interesting, I really do prefer being fully in control with Manual Mode. One of the reasons for changing away from using this may be for any quick things such as sports events.

These will be the different things that I’ll be using rather than Manual this week:

P = Program Mode

S = Shutter Speed Auto

A= Aperture Auto

Thursday 4th October

Walking between Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus.

Sunday 7th October

Upping my FitBit numbers with a long walk back home after getting off at Clapham Junction.

Two of these pictures where taken before coming back into London and were down south near Chichester.

Monday 8th October

Multiple hours walking around Canary Wharf where many of the building are very different from central London. When using your camera in Canary Wharf, you’re likely to be approached by their Security team so be careful. You have to claim that your taking these pictures for yourself and not for another company.

Tuesday 9th October

A quick stroll through both Barnes and Putney.

Wednesday 10th October

Walking all the way through Hyde Park, Borough and finally Richmond Park. An extremely busy day!

I’m starting to use Adobe Lightroom properly so many of the deer in Richmond Park will look different as changing the settings. It would be fantastic to study more within the College to ensure each picture I take is edited professionally.

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Bank to Waterloo

Learning Outcomes – 1,2,3

I decided to have a long walk today, starting at Bank before heading back to Waterloo. This was to try and get a different set of pictures and, sad I know but also to try and up my FitBit numbers 😂

Before going to College this evening, I thought it may be a great plan to get some pictures with some of the different designs that many of the new and old buildings have. That’s some of best things about central London, there is a real mix between both new and old buildings that are completely different.

It was a bit of a shame that I had to do this during the midday with it being so cloudy but I’m sure I’ll try it again in either early morning or an evening where these building will look so much different.

I only took one lens for these shots which is my Sigma 30mm f1/4 but that was my original plan. This is rather than having to take a big bag and have multiple different lenses. I may try to take more at some other point.