See some of my recent stories below that I usually update each week. The majority of these will be within London but I’m always desperate to travel further whenever I can.


After having to deal with the weather in London last week, I decided to look at the weather on the BBC website and find somewhere that wouldn’t be like London over the weekend……Cambridge!!! ☀️


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Photoshop CC


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Hammersmith Bridge

Who would have thought that a bridge could look so stunning!


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Unit 1 The Camera: Film or Digital

A look at the different types of pictures I’ve been taking for College over the last few months.


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A short walk near the sea in Nutbourne.


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The Shard

I’ve always refused to enter The Shard because it’s extremely overpriced, however, I finally did it the other day. Thank god it was a fairly sunny day so you can see some of the good pictures I managed to get when at the top….


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Improving the use of Lightroom

I’ve just started to use multiple sections within Lightroom that I’ve never previously managed to use.

– When working with shutter speed, think about the aperture you want to use
– Always be in control of the Shutter Speed. Never go too high or make it blurry
– The graph within Histogram is to do the colours of the picture
– Use Hue, Saturation and Luminance

For homework, I’m working on some close-up shots and testing these in Lightroom afterwards.


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Eton and the Mercedes-Benz World


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System and Workflow: Project 1

A week using the other settings within my Nikon D500 rather than Manual that I usually use. Much quicker I know but I really do enjoy using Manual to ensure that every picture I take is exactly how I wanted it to be.


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Bank to Waterloo

Walking from Bank back to Waterloo is always great for the completely different sets of buildings and designs, making so many different types of shots 📷.


I forced myself to only take 1 lens which is my Sigma 30mm F1/4 rather than having to always change but the shots are still great.

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Battersea Park


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30th September

A walk around various locations in London with the main focus being on Portrait shots.


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Richmond Stroll in the Evening

With it being nice and dark now in the evenings, I decided that Richmond would be great for some quick shots.


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I Love Winter!! 🌃

Most people hate it coming up to winter but for photography, it’s absolutely incredible!!! The different changes you can get at night can be stunning with the mix of both having both light and dark are very interesting and can be a lot of fun.

Have a look at some of the shots I got when walking back home alongside the river after catching the train back from a fun day out down in Brighton.


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Brighton University


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Neal’s Yard Square

Some portrait shots within Neil’s Yard Square near Covent Garden in London.


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Design Museum

A huge balloon controlled by brain waves will fly around the atrium of the Design Museum during this year’s London Design Festival.


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Portraits: Notting Hill

This was my first attempt to start asking strangers for Portrait shots. It has always been a hard thing to do for me as it’s always been a bit scary. This video was a lot of help and pushed me out today to just be confident with it.

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Another test of portraits with my friend in different locations.


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Natural History Museum

With a friend coming over from Italy, it was time to show him what is (what I think) the best Museum in London…


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Camden Town

A long walk today from Kings Cross through to Abbey Road!


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Greenwich & Canary Wharf

A trip to both Greenwich & the Canary Wharf. Greenwich was to see inside the massive Cutty Sark which is a massive sailing ship that was fastest in its time.


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Abstract Photography Workshop

Forget everything I’d known about photography as I had to prepare for something new

Had to learn about a new relationship between light and shadow, colour, shapes and texture and how I could interact with a new version of taking pictures.


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Tate Britain


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Personal Shots x2

An evening out in Richmond to practice some new close up shots with my new Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM Fit Lens.


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National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is an art gallery in London housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people. It was the first portrait gallery in the world when it opened in 1856.


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Obsession of my FitBit

Completely sad I know but my FitBit Charge 2 really has made me obsessed with making sure I walk every day. Here you can see some of the pictures I took when out walking.

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Earnley Butterflies, Birds and Beasts

A place that I’m sure many of you have never been to before but to see both Butterflies, Birds and many more….


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Full Frame Prime Lens

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St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

An evening out to both Kings Cross and St. Pancras to hopefully capture some of the wonderful set of stairs within the Hotel. Taking a proper camera helped when talking to the reception team rather than just the usual iPhone that many people would take along.


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A Sunday Stroll

A few hours strolling around London. Starting at Waterloo but went all the way past both St Pauls and the Tate Modern.


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Strolling around both Shoreditch and Hoxton to see which wonderful pictures I could get. I’m a big fan of good graffiti so you can see some of the ones I got here.

Richmond Park

A walk around Richmond Park to hopefully grab some shots of their Deer.


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Street Photography Workshop

Part of the art of street photography is to tell a story. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to tell a story and develop street photography skills. You’ll be given some tips and then set a series of challenges to help build your confidence when shooting street photography.


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Liverpool Street


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ZSL London Zoo


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Busy Week

It’s been a busy week out and about exploring different parts of London to try and take some great pictures. See a few of them here….


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Personal Shots

I have never focused on people before as usually I just use buildings for my normal shots. See what you think on this page.


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London Bridge & St Pauls

Walking through both London Bridge and St Pauls to see what I could get. St Pauls is essentially the best location in London to get some fantastic shots.


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A short walk out in Nutbourne this evening to try and get some great shots on this sunny evening.


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London Borough of Camden

My Colombian friend came over to London for the last few weeks and we decided to explore for some great graffiti.


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Goodwood Festival of Speed


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Southwark & Tower Bridge


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Chelsea & Knightsbridge


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The National History Museum


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Emirates Air Line


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Have a look at some of the graffiti shots I took when walking around Chichester.


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A short visit to Krakow

If you haven’t yet been, I highly suggest you travel to Krakow!!


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Photography Lesson 13


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This was the first time I’ve ever searched Brixton for shots but I’ll be doing it again with the number of great ones I found.


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Brick Lane (again 😂)

Yes, I’ve been there many times but there always seems to be something different in Brick Lane. Here, you can see some of the latest bits of graffiti…


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Clare Street

While thinking of areas to go in London, I decided to go to Clare Street on Wednesday where there were some fantastic walls covered in graffiti.


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A great extended weekend over in Stockholm to ‘hopefully’ take some good shots.


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Evening Night Out

A group of us from the course were all joining together to start taking pictures out near Waterloo in the evening.


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Regents Park

I decided to spend the whole day walking around Regents Park after starting at Paddington Station.


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Tate Modern


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Night Photography

Interested in practising photography?


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