My Story So Far….

So, let’s step back and cover everything that’s happened over the past few years.


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Have a look at some of the graffiti shots I took when walking around Chichester.


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A short visit to Krakow

If you haven’t yet been, I highly suggest you travel to Krakow!!


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Photography Lesson 13


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This was the first time I’ve ever searched Brixton for shots but I’ll be doing it again with the number of great ones I found.


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Brick Lane (again 😂)

Yes, I’ve been there many times but there always seems to be something different in Brick Lane. Here, you can see some of the latest bits of graffiti…


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Clare Street

While thinking of areas to go in London, I decided to go to Clare Street on Wednesday where there were some fantastic walls covered in graffiti.


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Photography Lesson 12


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Photography Lesson 11

Flower within Whitehall Gardens

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Photography Lesson 10


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Photography Lesson 9

Strolling through Shoreditch and Greenwich to then edit many of these images afterwards with the use of Lightroom.


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Please offer me a seat


You can see my whole story here – Epilepsy Society

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Photography Lesson 8


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A great extended weekend over in Stockholm to ‘hopefully’ take some good shots.


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Evening Night Out

A group of us from the course were all joining together to start taking pictures out near Waterloo in the evening.


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Regents Park

I decided to spend the whole day walking around Regents Park after starting at Paddington Station.


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Southsea Beach

A trip down south to meet my grandparents and aunt. I couldn’t help but take my camera when walking along the beach.


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Tower Bridge

I think we’ve all got to do it at some point it but unfortunately, I’ve done it so many times!! Tower Bridge is great for photography because you can see so many different things at different times. This includes lights, boats, people and the weather.




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Frankenstein Festival

An extra special festival celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.

Through immersive theatrical events, hands-on activities and experimental storytelling we explore the ethical, scientific and technical questions surrounding whether or not we should create ‘life’.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 16.31.53

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Tate Modern


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Photography Lesson 6

The proper use of Shutter Speed to manually edit clips rather than using any previous automatic shots.


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Photography Lesson 5

This week was to test and change all of my Aperture Numbers and Shutter Speeds to see all of the differences.


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Adobe Lightroom CC

I’ve recently used Lightoom to edit some of my photo’s after seeing what it can really do.


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Snow in Nutbourne

Walking around Nutbourne in the snow.


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Manual Camera Settings

Finally moving from the Standard settings within the camera to Manual. This allows me access to everything the camera can do.


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Brick Lane

A trip through Brick Lane to change all of the settings within my new camera to see which great photos I could get.


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Queen Elizabeth Country Park

After the shots I did a few days ago within the Royal Botanic Gardens, I thought the Queen Elizabeth Country Park would make a nice contrast.


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Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew

After purchasing the new Nikon D500, I thought it would be great to explore the Royal Botanic Gardens within Kew to see what it really could do.

I’m still trying to properly understand the settings within this camera so you’ll see multiple different versions of these shots. 

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A quick walk over Tower Bridge last night where the camera was set to a lower ISO of 100.









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Aperture / Depth of Field

Aperture is a hole in the lens that you can control to affect the amount of light you receive in the camera body. Essentially, this can change whether you focus on something nearer to you or further away.

This homework is to change the depth of field and see how that changes each image.


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Unit 1 – Telephoto

This was the first class which meant that the homework was set to focus on real close up images. We’ve not been allowed to change anything via the camera or any software.


– Objects look nearer to each other and to the camera
– More proportional – less distortion
– Much less background
– Zoom lenses – several lenses in one lens
– Wide angle:
– Plenty of background information – wide shot
– Objects look further away from each other
– Objects at the front look larger and much smaller towards the background
Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 20.28.22

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Photography Level 1 Award

On this course, I will be taught the skills and techniques of camera controls including focus, exposure and shutter speed. I will be able to explore technical issues related to the depth of field, movement and lighting eg. Natural, artificial and flash.

You will be able to see every shot that I’m taking to increase my photography skills over the next 15 weeks. There will be links within this page that will include the things I’m learning week by week.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.42.59

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Night Photography

Interested in practising photography?

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Traumatic Brain Injury

After reading this, I’m hoping you’ll realise and understand some of the changes that have happened over the last few years. A bit of a big change in my life!

Kingston Hospital.png

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I have actually been blogging for just under a year now…as short as that!! It’s a very short time and I’m still in the position of properly focusing on what I should discuss and focus on each week. I’ve always been a big-time nerd when it comes to both my laptop and phone but I’m just starting to move forward towards photography as well so I’m thinking that may be a way forward. I’ll tell you about the things that I’ve been doing recently…


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Tandem Skydive

After the many things that have happened recently, I decided to go out and support Headway with everything that they’ve done for me over the last few years.


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I’ve decided to increase my activity each day by walking, running and cycling around London after a swim in the morning. To do this, I’ve bought a Fitbit Charge 2 to ensure I’m always on track and increasing the distance each day.

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 19.02.45

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Unfortunately, I had another seizure a few weeks ago which was the worst one I’ve had in the last few years.

One of the benefits? It’s a new Hospital that I haven’t been to before to add to my list!! 10 so far since the injury back in 2014! 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Image result for ucl london

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Google Pixel 2 XL

Below is a picture of the device that has taken over my life, I can’t put it down!! I’ve updated the originally black section on the back with a custom edited style using dbrand.

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MyID – Medical ID Bracelet

I didn’t really want to openly admit that I have Epilepsy but after having multiple seizures out in public, I thought it was necessary. The decision after searching many different websites was to purchase a MyID Sport Medical ID Bracelet. It allows others to scan the QR Code through their mobile and understand what’s happening before potentially dialling 999.


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DJI Mavic Pro & GoPro

I’ve recently purchased both a DJI Mavic Pro and a GoPro Hero 5 with the hopes of creating great videos.

Let’s see how it goes!!

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I actually received Epilepsy back in 2014 when I fell down a large number of stairs in Las Vegas. I do not remember Las Vegas at all apart from when I heard about it all when in Hospital. It was actually my first time in Las Vegas so we spent our first day just having fun and going to different parties. I do not remember even going but apparently, I fell down a large number of stairs when walking back to a hotel after multiple parties.

When clicked through to the main story, you’ll be able to see that I actually lost half of my skull. This now means that I have had to have a Cranioplasty surgery to have a plastic section of my skull to make it look normal again.


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I’ve recently been using a website called BorrowMyDoggy to look after other peoples dogs when they’re at work.


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